This course is a great opportunity for me to learn more about a subject that I love

Klaus applied to NTNUs entrepreneurship and business development course after being temporarily laid off his job as a sales and marketing manager because of the Corona situation. He is an enthusiastic and positive guy with lots of energy who is in the middle of recording his own podcast when I get a hold of him for an interview (link to his podcast below).

Who are you? Tell me about your background

My name is Klaus Wiik, I am 42 years old and live in Oslo. I have worked with sales and marketing for about 25 years, as well as having started a few companies within sports medical equipment. Unfortunately, they do not exist today, but I enjoyed doing that for about 9 years. I am definitely the entrepreneurial type! My dad was the same way, so I guess I partly got that from him. I love to create something, solve problems and try to secure something for the descendants – that is what drives me!

Why did you sign up for this course? What was your motivation?

My motivation came from being interested in entrepreneurship, and when you are laid off temporarily, you have to fill your days with something meaningful. This course is a great opportunity for me to learn more about a topic that I love and get something constructive and sensible to do – it is simply a very good reason to get up in the morning.

What do you think of the course so far?

I think it is very good! For me it has been good to get a theoretical approach to something that I only have done in practice before. I have experienced several “aha-moments” during this course where I think “if I had known this, I would probably have done things a little differently in the past”. The course has interesting topics and good teachers. I have considered taking more education for a long time, but I have been unsure if online teaching suits me. I have now experienced that it certainly does.

Is there something you have learned that you are going to take with you?

Yes! I am not a planner; I normally just trust my gut feeling. Getting practical models to assess risk and se all sides of the business concept is definitely something I will take with me into further work. I see that it is beneficial to look at what you have and what you need, as well as doing market research before starting a new project with an idea. I really recommend the course! Regardless of what you do, or want to do, there will be things that are relevant in this course.

Link to Klaus’ podcast: